Watchdog 100-P NPS

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As with all Watchdogs, the Watchdog 100 allows users to keep an eye on remote conditions from a secure web interface and receive SNMP, e-mail, text message (via your carrier's email-to-SMS gateway) and voice call* alert notifications when user-specified thresholds are breached.

The web interface provides an overview of environmental measurements with real time sensor data. All measurements are logged allowing users to collect data for trending and capacity management. Up to 50 customizable alarms can be configured with alarm escalations per device.

The Watchdog 100 features four 0-5VDC / dry-contact analog inputs and two digital sensor ports. Up to four digital sensors can be connected by daisy-chaining sensors or using a standard splitter. A variety of optional plug-and-play sensors are available for use with the Watchdog 100 including but not limited to, temperature, humidity, airflow, water and smoke detection sensors, door position, power failure and more. One of the unique features of the Watchdog 100 is its relay contact port used to energize or de-energize an external device for automation.

At just 1U high and approximately 8.5" (21.6cm) wide, the Watchdog 100 is a compact solution perfect for tight installments. The Watchdog 100 is shipped with rack-mount brackets offering flexible wire management options. Easily view and log temperature, relative humidity and dew point along with external sensors over the intranet or the Web. No software required - securely access the graphical user interface from a web browser.

This is the POE version and does not include a power supply.

Data Sheet: Watchdog 100-P NPS